Edgewater PC provides computer repair and virus removal services in Avon Lake, Lorain County Ohio. Edgewater PC: Fair and reasonable pricing. 


Save money with Edgewater PC's very competitive pricing. Edgewater PC's service is reasonably priced and provides quality service at very affordable prices.  We encourage to compare our prices with other computer service technicians.  We believe you will agree our personal service, our quick turn around, and our affordable rates will make you a satisfied customer.  Our pickup and return service is included in our price and we can offer you a free loaner if you cannot be without your system. 

Virus Removal and/or Windows Re-Installation $100.00
  A virus is a real nuisance to every computer user. Many are innocuous, however others can be a serious threat to the security of your data and personal information. Regardless, viruses and malware affect the performance of your machine. A computer (especially these days!) should respond very quickly to a users demands!  We remove viruses and malware from your computer and if necessary reload your windows operating system. Reloading windows on a fresh partition on the hard drive is my preferred method. It gives me full control of the install from start to finish. I can then heavily tweak background services and running programs. This also ensures that zero garbage software is on your machine as most machines ship with obnoxious (some criminal IMO!) software installed that you will never use yet its presence on your machine is a security threat. The key is to set up machine properly on day one and then teach the user how not to have issues.  In addition dust is the enemy of every machine. While we have your computer, we will thoroughly clean the inside allowing your heat sinks and fans to function like new.  
Data Recovery $100.00
  Losing data, pictures, and business information is the fear of everyone who uses a computer.  Everyone should backup their data, but in reality many do not.  If you need to retrieve you data from a crashed hard drive or other malfunction, our data recovery service is available.  
Data Recovery and Virus Removal/Windows Re-Installation $170.00
If you require an operating system re-install as well as retrieving your data, this combined service is less costly then each service separately.
Hardware Repair and/or Replacement $85.00
  Computer parts can quit working.  Hard drives can crash. All hardware components such as hard drives, CD drives, power supplies, cooling fans, etc, can be replaced. Plus the cost of parts.
Custom Built Computer System $400.00
  We will custom build a computer system to meet your needs and specifications. The total cost will depend on what you want your computer to do. You can spend $800 or $4000, but you will have a custom designed computer built specifically for you. We charge $400.00 plus the parts and provide installation, setup and a one year warranty on parts and a lifetime labor warranty. Plus the cost of parts.
Other Services  
  On-site local printer installation $65.00
  On-site network printer installation $85.00
  Miscellaneous on-site services $65.00
  Ask about other services that may not be mentioned. Prices for other services are quoted based on the work involved. Call for further information. Quoted price